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ROMC Client Reviews

I have been seeing Dr. E. for close to two and a half months for herniated disc issues. It is with pleasure that I write this review, as her treatment is authentic and careful and practical. There is no easy fix to chronic pain, however Dr. E. applies an interactive and side-by-side approach to ensure that I am building my own strength while she treats me.

When I arrived in her office 2 1/2 months ago, I was ready to find a doctor's office and get Cortisone and steroid shots in my back. After much conversation and following the first few treatments I decided to give it a try and continue with the chiropractic treatment and self help exercises. I have taken Cortisone shots before, and here I am again, still struggling with the same issue. This time I wanted to learn how to support my own health, I want a long lasting solution.I am choosing to work with Dr. E. and utilize a holistic method with a medical professional who also was an athlete-like myself.

Dr. E was an Olympic track athlete. She combines her athletic background with a healing technique that is slow and sustainable--for the long haul. She is a strong listener and committed to ensuring your health is her main priority!

Definitely go for a consultation!

~Julia. G

Dr. Erica knows her stuff! She is a great chiropractic doctor and has totally helped me with all my sport injuries that I have had over the years. I highly recommend her!!!

~Danielle. D

Dr. Erica has treated me for multiple sports injures including chronic back and rotator cuff issues and I've had outstanding results. Her focus on finding and treating the root cause of your problem (vs merely treating symptoms) combined with her skillful soft tissue and chiropractic work is highly effective and differentiating. As a former professional athlete, she understands what it takes to get her patients back to 100% and she is committed to getting you there. Dr. Erica has dramatically helped me get back to my pre-injury fitness and performance levels. Thanks Dr. Erica!

~Laura. L

Yes Dr. Erica is the bomb! She's fixing my little rotator cuff problem. I got a bit carried away with my med ball overhead toss (to music of course). One treatment made a huge difference! Impressive. I'm so glad she's with us at AREA 44 Fitness.

~Mary Kay. L

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